Tour Highlights:

  • Visit Yogyakarta's main highlights: Borobudur, Prambanan, Pawon, Mendut, Sultan Palace, and Merapi Volcano
  • Visit Malang city including Coban Rondo waterfall and Singosari temple
  • Enjoy the sunrise at Mt. Pananjakan and see the famous Mt. Bromo crater


Day 1: Arrival – Prambanan – Plaosan

Arrival at Yogyakarta. The tour will start at the Prambanan, the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia and listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritages. The next stop is at the Plaosan, a Buddhist temple complex.

Day 2: Sultan’s Palace – Mt. Merapi – Borobudur – Pawon – Mendut

This day will start at the Sultan’s Palace. The next stop is Kaliadem a village at the slopes of the Merapi volcano, to watch over the Merapi. The next stop is at world’s largest Buddhist Temple: the Borobudur and the two smaller Buddhist temples: Pawon and Mendut.

Day 3: Bromo – Coban Rondo Waterfall

This day will start with a train ride to Bromo. The next stop is at the Coban Rondo Waterfall, a waterfall on the slopes of Mt. Panderman.

Day 4: Malang

Today is for sightseeing in Malang. We will visit the Singosari Temple, the Ijen boulevard and the Eng An Kiong Temple. The rest of the day is free time.

Day 5: Mt. Bromo

This day start early with a 4DW jeep drive to Mt. Pananjakan, from here you can see the spectaculair sunrise by Mt. Bromo.  Afterwards we will go to the crater of Mt. Bromo by horse ride. Afterwards you will be transferred back to the hotel for check out.