Tour Highlights:

  • Experience sunrise on the Setumbu hill overlooking Borobudur Temple from the distance
  • Visit temples: Borobudur, Prambanan, Plaosan, Pawon, and Mendut
  • Visit city's historical landmarks: Sultan Palace and Taman Sari Water Castle


Day 1: Arrival – Prambanan – Plaosan

Arrival at Yogyakarta. The tour will start at the Prambanan, the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia and listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritages. The next stop is at the Plaosan, a Buddhist temple complex, separated by a road in a northern and a southern part.

Day 2: Setumbu hill – Borobudur – Mendut – Pawon

You will start the day with a stunning sunrise from Setumbu hill, with the merapi and the Merbabu volcano next to the sun. The second stop is the Borobudur temple, world’s biggest Buddhist temple with a whopping 72 Buddha statues. The last stops are the Pawon temple and the Mendut temple, two Buddhist temples located near the Borobudur.

Day 3: Sultan Palace – Tamansari Water Castle – Check out

The last day starts at at the Sultan’s Palace of Kraton. After you have seen this beautiful heritage building a Becak (a traditional bike-taxi) will bring you to the Tamansari Water Castle, which is behind the palace and served as the bathing garden of the Sultan. Afterwards you will be transferred back to the hotel for check out.