Medan was chosen as the destination of PPA (Perusahaan Pengelola Aset Persero) company trip on 2019. Experience what it was like to have a lot of fun activities in the Taman Simalem, Medan. We’ve put together exciting team-building activities that the whole team will want to do to learn about each other; how each person thinks, works, and solve problems. We also have a heartwarming award night at this Pearl of Lake Toba which has fresh air. Taman Simalem located at the tip of Lake Toba, Medan, it takes up the entire scenery of the lake from the top. Taman Simalem has perfect facilities from the accommodation, stage, park, up to golf course which make it well-suited for hosting an exclusive corporate event also leisure trip. You’ll get great experience enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunset at once mesmerized by Lake Toba view.