By carrying the tagline that is adapted from the Javanese philosophy, and it reads "Sepi ing pamrih, rame ing gawe, nyengkuyung Yogya Katamso pinuju 2018 kang sumunar", which means that in doing something we should not think too much about what we will get, what has been his duty and encouraged BRI Brigadier General Katamso, Yogyakarta Office to the brilliant 2018.

The splendor of one of the historical heritages as a background, which is included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Laughter, passion, and warm greetings from participants echoed to enliven a fabulous Saturday morning, February 10, 2018. A number of 500 participants using traditional clothing typical of Yogyakarta, create a more condensed atmosphere of culture that has become the responsibility of future generations to be able to continue to preserve it. Enjoying the beautiful morning with the splendor of a temple full of love story. Starting from the legend of Bandung Bondowoso struggle to get Roro Jonggrang, to the love story of Rama and Shinta are sculpted in the temple wall.

Continuing the journey to the east using 115 horse carts that are often heard as Andong, the participants we invite to explore the beauty of Plaosan Temple. Enjoy the fresh air of the countryside with minimal air pollution. By doing various activities such as: stringing wayang, dancing Javanese dance, doing CSR cleaning Plaosan temple, practicing tembang macapat, and reading Javanese script. From these activities participants can more familiar with so beautiful a culture, and very unfortunate if eroded by modernization.

Plaosan temple is synonymous with a love story that glues the difference. This temple is a clear proof that the power of love is able to unite the divide of difference. This gorgeous temple was built by Hindu, Rakai Pikatan for his beloved queen Pramodyawardani who embraced Buddhism. Visiting Plaosan not only teaches about the power of love but also the true meaning of tolerance.

It does not stop there, the excitement of participants BRI Katamso Branch Office, Yogyakarta. The event was continued with a series of Gunungan. Gunungan itself is a variety of food crops that arranged to resemble a mountain. Gunungan actually become a symbol of the prosperity of Yogyakarta Palace that will be distributed to the community. The mount made by the participants was made as closely as possible with the original Gunungan. Participants are expected to do their own creativity in arranging the Gunungan to look attractive and beautiful. After the participants finished the Gunungan, it was time for the work of each group to be paraded past Plaosan Temple, and at the end of the journey, the Gunungan was given to the surrounding community, and the people were competing to get the crops that was strung to the Gunungan.

Here we imply the form of cultural preservation, by creating a game that embodies Cultural values, and is complemented by the excitement and cohesiveness of the participants in order to establish good cooperation with each other. We realize that in contributing to the tourism industry and event management, it is our duty to introduce to our clients, deeper and more intimate with regard to the beauty of Culture born by our ancestors, but we develop in accordance with the times without fading the values contained within the Culture.