On 10 - 12 January 2017, at Rajaklana Resort, Villa and Spa, the various events of Werkudara Annual Meeting 2017 are arranged in an effort to provide a refreshment and a unique experience for a relaxed, fun, yet leaving no significant points in the delivery of planning, strategy, to be conducted throughout 2018. The various of events consist of: 2017-related reports, 2018 planning, awards for outstanding Werkudara, gala dinner, sharing session, morning exercise, we do this for the sake of realizing a sustainable development and always provide positive energy for the environment.

The relaxed atmosphere, combined with the coolness of nature, supported every event of Werkudara Annual Meeting 2017 this time. Each day has a different theme, and it is also tailored to the food, beverages, event, dress-code, and other things. Where the first day brought the theme of air, on the second day that coincidentally coincides with Earth day, and the third day carrying the theme of water.

With the issue of Global Warming which has been long time be the root of the problem, then we also took part in campaigning, to slowly change the order of life, in order to create a balance between humans with the universe. In Werkudara Annual Meeting 2017, the big theme that we hold is Go Green, which then we make it more specific into balance four elements of life, namely; water, fire, air, and earth. After the fire we used during the preliminary meeting, kick off this time begins with the air theme, where for the opening ceremony, we release 50 sparrows to the wild, and on the second day that coincides with Earth Day we planted trees to embody stability and natural balance.

Werkudara Annual Meeting 2017 this time brings the concept of presentation and meeting is very unique. We chose to use bean bag as a substitute for other seats that are considered very formal, shady meeting room from open architecture concept, and blend with nature, make meeting atmosphere more fun, and refreshing. We packed the usual and rigid events into a form of creativity, different, and dynamic. Where we make presentations in giving annual reports using story-telling method. The packaging presentation resembles drama, talk shows, colossal drama, and so forth. This new method helps to stimulate participants' deeper understanding of the presentation material, and improve their creativity.