The end and the beginning of the year is a very valuable momentum for all of the industrial world, the time spent for reviewing what has been done, and not done yet in 2017, and what kind of strategic plans it is capable of implementing throughout 2018, in order for what is the goal company can be achieved.

In the beginning of January 2018, we had a tremendous opportunity to organize an event which is certainly a momentum that is very meaningful for the life and development of PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti. Begin by reviewing the details of planning, execution, and achieved results during the 2017 that has been done by each department and individuals.

Implementation of preliminary meeting has done at Head Office of PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti, with one of the four elements of life, the Fire. Fire itself is believed to represent a burning spirit, and always can turn the atmosphere, which is expected the spirit to flow in our blood vessels, so that the improvement of quality both in terms of human resources, and companies in general, can participate in coloring the world of travel & event management industry, and keep on developing new business units.