Speaking of World Tourism Day 2017 that initiated by UNWTO which is one of the United Nations organizations. World Tourism Day is a reminder that tourism is a force for good! According to research, the tourism sector contributes to generate 9% of Global GDP; supported 284 million jobs, or 1 in 11 jobs in the world; USD 1,3 trillion in exports. As a worldwide export category, tourism ranks third after fuels and chemicals and ahead of food and automotive products; 6% of World Trade; 6% Exports of Least Developed Countries. With the World Tourism Day 2017 program titled "Travel, Enjoy, Respect", falls precisely on 27 September 2017 it aims to instill and raise awareness, as well as the responsibility of both the Traveler and the motor of the world tourism, in order to be able to contribute in a sustainable world tourism.

As a manifestation of participation to enliven the World Tourism Day 2017, PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti organizes mini events with various activities for appreciating the World Tourism both nationally and internationally. PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti not only believes that acting responsibly for the environment and society is the right way to move forward, from the company's point of view, this is the only way forward. PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti is fully committed to sustainability and forging ahead to ensure positive impacts on environmental quality, livelihoods, education and training, and prosperity. In enlivening World Tourism Day and as a form of wealth of Indonesia, all lines of management participated by using custom clothing from various regions in Indonesia while doing work activities, on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. In addition, this campaign is also included with various aspirations from various parties, both internal PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti, as well as external parties. This campaign action is done with; distribution of flyers to external parties; asking opinions related to Travel, Enjoy, Respect; write down expectations, as well as criticisms for sustainable development.

One of PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti in inspiring young people that they too can become global ambassadors to honor our planet, culture and society. Staff of PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti helps explain to young people how to be a responsible traveler in a simple way. This special World Tourism Day is a unique opportunity for us to raise awareness of the contribution of sustainable tourism to development in the community. PT. Werkudara Nirwana Sakti invites people to travel, enjoy and respect, and share their inspiring sustainable travel stories.