We believe that maximizing profits and minimizing cost is not all that is required to sustain and grow our company. True value is about going beyond maximizing profits for our shareholders, it’s about creating shared value which leads us to the value that deals with contributing to community and environment. Our business model and brands are uniquely designed for creating greater value and enriching all of life. We begin our business by taking in the bigger world around us, to see ourselves within the whole system, the larger picture. We do every effort to create transformations and innovations that have the potential to enrich life, not only for our company and consumer, but for the wealth of our community as well. 


A special passion where we feel a burning desire to do something, for orphans especially, due they deserve to have a brighter future, and a better living. The number of orphans increase day by day, and each orphan need the ones who care about their future, so we put our position and focus into that efforts. They are parts of our next generations, which must be nurtured from an early age. 


We try to help them to turn the pain into power with the simple things and lead them to beautiful destination. It’s a way to therapeutic their sadness. They are gifts from God that we have to share happiness with. Our goals are to see their happy smiles, and make sure they are more than precious, then their impressions are beyond our expectations. A focus for helping each other, because money, can’t buy genuine affection.


There are no unwanted children, they just didn’t find the unfound families. The purest souls who trapped by unlucky situations. We do not put them for our material income, but spiritual income. We do care about them, we exactly know they deserve to be loved. And from that point we appreciate what life has given, and taken. We try to make it worthy and valuable for the living.


“Children don’t need more things. The best toys children can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them.” – Bruce Perry