PT Werkudara Nirwana Sakti started from a company that built on trust and also based on the desire to provide a place for every individual who wants to work, develop, creativity, and tireless to learn. Here we co-train ourselves so that the future can be better, also beneficial to families, partners, communities, and the environment.

Five years is a phase in which humans learn to crawl, stand, walk, and start forming characters. Along with the goal as this company will continue to grow, and expand, we will continue to explore, for the realization of "Creating True Value", which has become the basis of this company. In addition, this age phase of children is ready to have the opportunity to plunge into the wider social world, and here can be implemented with our vision in expanding the business network.

In this fifth year, we are raising the theme of 5 human senses, with the intent of this year, we are able to maximize our ability to work, and in our creation, we have elements of delivering GREAT experiences, having excellent ATTITUDE, and increasing GRATITUDE in everything. On the other hand, we will continue to improve our service, innovation, creativity and create true values both internally and externally.

In addition, we are committed to providing excellent services to our clients, here we also strive to maintain stability by uplifting local values, empowering local communities, and fostering the economic growth of the surrounding communities, without abandoning the essence of the cultural beauty of a region. We will continue to work extra hard to exceed the expectations.