At Werkudara, we bring passion for the extraordinary in everything we do. We value "simple but significant" of delivering our services. In this we make every effort to use resources wisely, respect the environment, and practice the principle of "Taste Local. Support Local". It is part our mission to promote local products, support and connect local communities and tourism businesses.

We're very proud to share with you Werkudara's Best Coffee and Tea Selection range - capturing the tantalizing, aromatic, unique flavors of their origins. We source all of our coffee and tea from indenpendent farmers in remote areas. We buy them not from some shady manufacturer, but from individuals who have spent their lives producing best quality tea/ coffee. We are comitted to helping farming communities endure and thrive by creating suistanable relationships with our producers and ensure that they can continue to honor the traditions of their families through tea or coffee. Many of our teas or coffees are commissioned exclusively to ensure that the techniques used to make them are not lost with the passing time.

When you savor a cup of tea or coffee from us, you can be sure that your enjoyment was passed along to the producer with the utmost respect for their work.